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Modest Tea

Modest Tea

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  • 2oz (20 cups per bag)
  • recyclable packaging
  • Organic Wildcrafted
  • Made in United States

 Chill The F Out - 

Rad As F -

Bright, tart & refreshing hibiscus mix

(great cold-brewed)

Shine your light bright. Be bold. Be bright. Be badass. You are so fucking rad. You light up this world. Ingredients: hibiscus, ginger, lemongrass, orange peel, stevia leaf (just a pinch

Wake The F Up-

Rich black tea with elderberries Get your fine ass energized! You’re a fucking winner! Drink this badass tea. Kick life in the face. High. Fucking. Five.

Ingredients: assam black tea, india black tea, black elderberries - organic wildcrafted   caffeinated


Earthy and spicy holy tulsi mix

You breathe in strength. Breathe out all the bullshit. This Om-Azing tea helps you... Zen the fuck out.

Ingredients: holy basil trinity (rama, vana, krishna), ginger, gotu kola, cinnamon, lemon peel, peppercorn

100% muslin cotton tea bags! - 2 cotton bags per pack

Simply scoop loose leaf tea into the muslin bag, tighten the strings and boom, you have yourself bagged tea! Steep as you normally would any tea bag, the difference is that this one is super earth friendly. | Handwash Only

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