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Snarky Tote Bags

Snarky Tote Bags

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Great as a gift or for your own personal use. Use it as a reusable grocery bag or something to shove all the crap in. 

Choose from:

  • Healthy Crap - Just Kidding it's alcohol
  • Emotional Baggage- jk like it could fit in here. 
  • Lover of cancelled plans
  • I don't know what i'd do without caffeine. - i'm guessing 25 - life
  • Literally all the wine
  • If I'm ever murdered it's because I said something really funny to someone with no sense of humor
  • Groceries -100% NOT- Tequila
  • The only thing holding my shit together is this bag
  • Nothing in this bag belongs to me #momlife
  • Bag of all my kids crap 

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